Mobile UX and Design Lead Full-time

We're looking for a design leader to join our team and own our app's visual identity and user experience. In close partnership with our product owner and engineering team, you'll bring to life and continually improve the iOS and Android user experiences that engage our community of users and empower them to create valuable content.


  • You have 2+ years of experience designing consumer Mobile apps, preferably with Social Media, UGC and/or Game experience. You've worked on multiple successful iOS apps and have at least some experience with Android. Mobile isn't new to you, it's where you're strongest, and it's where you want to work.
  • World class visual design skills: you know how to apply color, texture, movement and typography to create interfaces that are not only usable but pleasing to look at. From cutting up simple button assets to designing our logo and brand, everything you produce is beautiful. You understand the level of visual polish required to delight consumers - no enterprise or utility class design work will do here.
  • Strong UX sensibility: you can work up complete, well-thought-out user experience flows given broad descriptions of user missions and product goals. You're able to describe these flows and transitions through them in written specs that engineers and testers find easy to understand and build from.
  • You have deep experience synthesizing learnings from live user testing and metrics analysis to evolve and improve designs. Experience leading live user testing studies is a plus. You're able to learn from competitors but also willing to trust your own data and instincts.
  • Small teams and rapid cycles are where you thrive. You are passionate about representing the interests of visual fidelity and the user experience, but you're also willing to set aside cherished ideals and iterate in order to learn.
  • You will need to be strong in both visual design and UX / user interaction design. But you will not be asked to code. We care that you understand typography, not CSS. We need you to produce visual specs, not working prototypes.

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