iOS Developer Full-time

As an iOS developer at Gaia you'll be working on the "next big thing" at the company as we push forward into mobile.  Joining a front-end team of 1, you'll be collaborating on a universal iOS app due to be shipped this Fall.

Bonus points if you have...

  1. Attention to detail for developing highly polished user interfaces
  2. Networking experience in iOS (RestKit, AFNetworking, etc)
  3. Some experience interacting with back-end components (PHP, AWS, etc)
  4. Understands multi-threading in iOS (GCD)
  5. Development of iOS transitions/animations


  • At least one year of iOS development experience.
  • Solid understanding of iOS frameworks and development.
  • Experience working with Interface Builder and UIKit
  • Team Player
  • Familiarity with design patterns like MVC, OOP, memory management, and threading

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