Director of Content and Community Full-time

We're looking for an exceptional social media editorial mind to develop a content strategy that will inspire and engage our user community. Our Mobile app enables open discussions between our members around a broad base of topics. Our community is a place where people come to talk to one another and discuss what's important to them, what's happening in their worlds, and what makes them laugh. Your content strategy is less about producing high-quality articles for them to read and more about stimulating discussions they want to be a part of. We need a mix of content producer extraordinaire and seasoned community manager.

About you:
First of all: you're from the Internet. You are a bright, articulate, funny writer with great social skills who can spark great conversations. You are an active member of at least one large online community - and you post often. You're addicted to Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. You know your way around Facebook but find it a little on the dry side. You find yourself reading stories on Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and 9GAG several times a day. You have your own blog (or used to, back when it was cool). You speak the language of the Internet but you still know how to spell and grammar right. You're getting to the point where you rarely use your laptop anymore, and you worry that your phone is taking over your life. Something on your resume will make us laugh.


  1. Define the content voice, tone, and style guide for a fun, active, community-driven discussion app.
  2. Plan a detailed a content calendar around our audience and the topical currents that matter to them.
  3. Start engaging conversations for our members to interact with, and stimulate interesting discussion within them by interacting with members. Embody the content voice and style guide - lead by example.
  4. Generate viral traffic to our app by syndicating that content out via multiple channels on social media.
  5. Engage celebrities and experts to appear in "guest conversations" with our members
  6. Welcome new members to the community and help them get started
  7. Hold special events on the site, prize drawings, contests, etc, to stimulate participation
  8. Communicate with our members about important community issues or functionality updates to the app
  9. Manage a small team of community management staff and volunteers who will assist you in the above.
  10. Work in close cooperation with our abuse control and moderation teams to foster a safe, respectful, and positive community atmosphere where members enjoy spending time and sharing with each other.

Sucess Metrics

  1. Audience consumption metrics: views and shares of conversations you start
  2. Inbound viral traffic generated by content you syndicate
  3. Member engagement metrics: replies and participation
  4. Similar success metrics will be tracked for resources you manage, and you will be accountable for their performance


  • Able to create a well-populated online / social media identity
  • Writing samples showing good viral instincts
  • able to create and maintain an active presence in an online community
  • Able to manage the work of others

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