Monster Galaxy: Exile

Monster Galaxy: Exile
for iPhone, Google Play, Amazon

Battle & tame hundreds of insane creatures in Monster Galaxy: Exile, the sequel to the most popular monster-battling game on iOS!

As the world's greatest monster tamer, you toppled the evil King Otho and brought peace to the land. But Otho still has one more trick up his sleeve... he's exiled you to his bizarre prison dimension!

Now, you're lost in a strange land without your trusty Moga team. Can you survive?

  • Battle through 14 insane worlds!
  • Tame more than 125 unique monsters!
  • Gawk at incredible hi-res hand-painted graphics!
  • Meet odd characters, including clown rappers, legendary haters & hot tub swingers!
  • Scratch your head at the weirdest plot you've ever seen!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My Tamer is out of energy, but I want to play more! What should I do?

    Blue coffee will wake your tamer right up! Blue coffee is located in the Sky Shop. Also, if you're lucky, you can sometimes pick up blue coffee after a battle or quest.
  2. Are there any tricks to getting more free starseeds or blue coffee?

    A great way to maintain a steady flow of free supplies is to make sure you collect your daily prize every day! Prizes consist of anywhere from 2-5 Starseeds or Blue Coffees. All you have to do is tap on the tamer option in the menu and then tap "Claim Prize". You can do this every 24 hours!