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Founded in 2003, Gaia Online has grown into one of the biggest forum communities in the world. Today, Gaia is the best place on the web to discuss anime, games, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and anything else you can imagine. Plus, there are tons of other free features to keep Gaia members permanently amused.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I earn Gaia Gold?

    What is Gaia Gold? Gaia Gold is Gaia's virtual currency. It gives you a way to personalize your Gaia experience, letting you buy just the right clothes and accessories to create your perfect avatar, decorate your home and personalize your car. How do I get Gaia Gold? There are many ways to get Gaia Gold. Nearly every action you take results in you earning gold. It's as easy as loading a page! You can even see how much gold you get for your actions on Gaia. The following are some of the basic ways in which you can earn gold: 1. Grab free prizes from Daily Chance The Daily Chance cart randomly appears daily at the top of each landing page: Home, My Gaia, Shop, Forum, World and Games. There you will be able to click on the Daily Chance cart and get free gold or items! If you can't see the Daily Chance cart, make sure you have it enabled in your Account Settings! 2. Shake Trees, Rocks, & Bushes in Towns Enter Gaia Towns to earn gold, collect items, and meet new people! Money doesn't grow on trees you say? It does in Gaia! Shake trees, look under rocks and rustle those bushes to find hidden gold throughout the world of Gaia. 3. Play Some Games The higher your score and more levels you reach, the more gold you earn to spend. Each game has its own unique challenges and goals. Click the icons above to try some of our easier games to earn some quick gold or click here for more games to play! 4. zOMG! zOMG is Gaia's MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). It's free to play and there's nothing to download. To gain gold in zOMG, fight the Animated or complete Quests assigned to you by NPCs. Quest completion often pays out more gold, but if fighting is your thing, crewing up with other players will let you earn gold even faster.
  2. Why was I banned?

    We hate banning accounts, but sometimes it’s necessary for the good of the overall Gaia community. We want everyone to have a fun, safe time on Gaia. When we have to, accounts on Gaia are banned for two main reasons: 1) Engaging in behavior that violates Gaia's Terms of Service and/or Rules and Guidelines 2) As a preventative measure to protect the account if there is evidence it has been compromised by someone else (there was unauthorized access into an account) Bannings for Terms of Service Violations: Account bans occur when an account has been found to be engaging in on-site behavior that is in violation of Gaia's Terms of Service. When you join Gaia, you agree not to break the rules of the site. The Terms of Service and the Rules and Guidelines are there to help keep Gaia a safe and fun place for all members. When there is hard proof that you engaged in behavior on the site that violates these rules, your account will most probably be banned. The length of ban depends on both the severity of the offense and if the violation has occurred more than once and you have been previously warned about engaging in such behavior. If a violation is serious enough (e.g., hacking, scamming, phishing, etc.) then the account will receive an immediate permanent ban. In all cases of banning, the user is sent an email with a warning detailing the offense, and how it violates the Terms of Service so he/she can know what behavior was inappropriate. Again, bans are not placed without hard evidence of the infraction; bans are not based on hearsay. Banning to Prevent Malicious Misuse The other main reason an account might be banned is as a preventative measure. If we believe that your account may have been compromised, we will place a ban on the account temporarily to prevent any possible intruder from having further access to the account. Such a ban is placed not as a punitive action, but as a preventative measure only. Imagine if your account was compromised, and the intruder used it to post inappropriate images or send phishing links to other members of the Gaia community and do irreparable damage to your reputation. In such a case, banning your account not only stops this from happening, but helps to keep your user reputation in good standing. We can recover lost gold or items, but we cannot recover your account's reputation on site!